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In The Pink Rabbit , it is our aspiration to make our customers feel great, to achieve this, we develop our products alongside and collaborate with top-class institutes, partners and advisers.

We stand behind our products and are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and hassle free returns. Our free shipping, secure shopping system and privacy policy are testament to our commitment to offering the highest level of customer service.

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  • FREE shipping and FREE 30 day, no hassle returns for all orders: It’s part of our Pink Rabbit 100% satisfaction guarantee (who doesn’t love that!?)

  • Only highest quality materials used: The Pink Rabbit Poncho consultants source the finest vegan materials from around the globe to make your Poncho. This guarantees your Poncho will give you years and years of Rabbit-soft comfort

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  • Hannah - London, UK

    What a lovely item for the fall. It’s beautiful and just luxurious feeling. I love the hood and I haven’t seen anything similar.

  • Lian - Los Angeles, CA

    My Poncho is amazing. It literally feels like a super soft blanket but you can wear it any where. It is literally one of the best purchase I have every made. Wish it was a bit more larger.

  • Jacelyn - Sydney, AUS

    I’m so in love this this poncho. The quality is superb. If you’re thinking about getting one of theses DO IT . Shipping took 9 days to California.

  • Christine - Berlin, Germany

    I just received my purchase and I love it. I was little concerned about the length as I am 173cm tall but the size is perfect for me.

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